wolfman 2019

DIAMONDS AND GOLD  (Single, Irascible, 2020


01 Diamonds And Gold

music produced by katerina stoykova and angelo repetto

mastered by olivier zurkirchen

cover art/photography by wolfman

MAD WOMAN  (LP, Irascible, 2018)


A1 Heat

A1 Gone Girl

A1 Wall of Lies

A2 Humpback Whale

A2 Dawn After Dark

A2 Mighty Fly

B1 Waving Soul

B1 You Got Me

B2 Stoned

B2 Mad Woman

music produced by katerina stoykova and angelo repetto

mastered by dan suter

cover art/photography by simon habegger and johnny graf

MARK MY WORLD REMIX EP (irascible, 2018)


1 Mark My World (Original Mix)

2 Mark My World (Marlon Remix)

3 Mark My World (Tillmann & deAdi Remix)

4 Mark My World (Bigeneric Remix)

5 Mark My World (Rearte Remix)

6 Mark My World (Alessandro Giannelli Remix)

SUN SUN EP (irascible, 2017)


1 Mark My World

2 Slave to the King

3 Tell us we're Crazy

4 Play it Cool

5 Sun Sun


music produced by angelo repetto and katerina stoykova

mixed by angelo repetto lyrics by katerina stoykova

co-produced by flave aka flavio schönholzer mastered by dan suter

cover art by pascal herzog photography by john patrick walder

Modern Age (irascible, 2016)


1 Lo and Behold
2 Tracking Time
3 Modern Age
4 Overboard
5 Dolphins
6 The First to Walk
7 Darken the Sun
8 Whistleblower
9 Nothing Left
10 Great Fall


All Songs written and produced by Katerina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto
Co-producing and additional percussion by Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber
Cover art by Simon Habegger

Unified (irascible, 2013)

1 Eyes a Fool
2 Sleepless
3 All is Random
4 Wolfman
5 100 Hours
6 Won’t be Tamed
7 One last Time
8 Temptations
9 City of Names
10 Haunt me
11 Ice King
12 Koi Li E Toi

Songs written by Katerina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto.
Produced and recorded by Angelo Repetto, Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler

and Katerina Stoykova. Recorded at AK49, Zurich

and at Pikeriver Mosquito Studio, Chicago. Mixed by Angelo Repetto.
Mastered by Gavin Maitland at Star Track Kombinat Schaffhausen.