wolfman 2019

On their third album « Mad Woman”, Katerina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto reap the harvest of their patience. The few months they spent in the studio have turned out to be a creative peak in the band’s life. They’ve travelled to the heart of their emotions and have musically shifted their collaboration and their work to a new binary Utopia, where X/Y are replaced by M/W (Mad Woman, WolfMan) and come together to form a new inclusive and egalitarian society.


Mad Woman is defined by two letters -or could it be only one? M and W. Mad Woman, WolfMan, Man/Woman, everything is reversable. Katarina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto explore the duality and the mechanisms of domination, belonging and difference. Replacing the traditional X and Y binary, M and W are, in Wolfman’s utopia, similar chromosomes that form the basis of an egalitarian society. Differences that used to form hierarchized lives are erased, borders raised by concepts of ethnicity and genre belong to the past. An eternal cat and mouse game where the strength of some and the weakness of others disappear: we are past the stage of dominant and dominated.


Following the “Sun Sun” ep (2017) and the first two albums (“Modern Age” in 2016 and “Unified” in 2013), Mad Woman explores its utopian egalitarianism well past the lyrics, into the global artistic process of the record.  During the months of long isolation in their studio, they aimed at conciliating both of their very singular vocals, their sensual guitars and the infinite possibilities offered by their machines, blending everything in harmony with no component dominating the other. The result is the most coherent piece of work Wolfman have produced to date.


Fascinating and moody (“Mad Woman”), playful (“Heat”) or dark and strangely alluring (“Waving Soul”), Katerina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto offer us ten songs that ooze creativity. Mad Woman is Wolfman own Utopia where every creed, race and gender are welcome with open arms.

Die Single «Mad Woman» erscheint am 26. Juni. Das gleichnamige Album erscheint am 5. Oktober 2018 auf Irascible Records digital, als LP und CD.